Refund & Exchange Terms


We do not have a refund policy, and no refund will be given after goods are sold.


We provide limited exchange service for products that have been sold (except for discounted products and customized products). If the following conditions are met, buyer can return and exchange goods in our shop within 14 days from the date of purchase: goods demonstrating technical, electronical, or mechanical failures (not including subjective comments in relation to product’s appearance or aesthetic); the goods must not been used, displayed, modified, or damaged, and is in its original undamaged packaging; and that the customer can present proof of purchase for the product. The retailer reserves the right to make the final decision on whether to exchange the goods.

 If customer wishes to exchange goods, please call +852 26520000, WhatsApp +852 97100400, or email us for a preapproval that the exchange conditions are met. When the preapproval is confirmed, please either bring the goods to our store, or send the goods to our store (where the buyer is responsible for the postage). After the relevant goods arrive, the retailer will evaluate and check the condition of the returned goods, and proceed with an exchange when confirmed.