Green One (G.O.)

Founded in 2019, Green One Lab (G.O.) is a Hong Kong-based social design lab, specializing in sustainable product design and development. Green One Lab strive to create positive impact and build a better city through human-centered and sustainable design. They hope to encourage people to participate in environmental protection. Take the first step to reduce waste and become part of the green movement.

綠壹研究所(G.O.) 成立於2019年,是一間專門設計和研發可持續產品的社會設計工作室。他們致力將可持續和人性化的設計融入每一件產品中,為社會創造正面的影響。同時,綠壹研究所重視環保,在產品上融合環保元素,務求將環保訊息植入到每家每戶中,讓更多人參與環保,踏出減廢第一步,成為綠色一分子。